Biogas-powered cogeneration plants exploit wastewater from cattle breeding to obtain electrical and thermal energy.

The saling of electricity to the grid allows significant economic benefits to be obtained, while thermal energy is used to heat the biodigester and for all other needs in the livestock supply chain.



Erilon designs and installs cogeneration system equipped with special technology developed to be fed with biogas produced from animal wastewater.

Erilon analyzes the needs and unique properties of the farm and also the quantity of animal waste produced. So it can propose the ideal solution to optimize the supply of electrical and thermal energy.



  • Active system 365 days a year, which constantly generates value from waste from agro-livestock production.
  • Controlled disposal of animal waste: it is no longer necessary dispere it
    in the fields.
  • Modular system, compact and simple management control also remotely.
  • Cost recovery of investment in a few years, thanks to the profits deriving from the sale of electricity on the net.