The nitrogen removal plant provides an effective treatment for the removal of high levels of nitrogen contained in zootechnical slurry by reducing the polluting load.

It also guarantees compliance with the parameters imposed by the new phosphorus and potassium removal regulations in the zootechnical slurry to be spread in fertigation.



The nitrogen removal system takes place in a natural way, through the biological process of Nitrification – Denitrification which can guarantee the reduction of the nitrogen load in the treated sewage up to 90%.

The Erilon system operates according to the same principle, amplifying it hundreds of times, intervening in the phase of separation of the chemical-physical- biological treatment biomass – more or less thrust – before storage / spreading.



  • External plant to the storage tank and therefore easily adaptable to tanks existing storage facilities.
  • Maintenance does not require any plant shutdown for the slurry tanks.
  • Patented for nitrogen removal (from 60% to 90%).
  • Low energy consumption and high energy efficiency.
  • Already prepared for the new regulations for the removal of phosphorus and potassium in livestock slurry to be used in fertigation.