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The animal comfort inside the stable environment clearly improves with the use of bunks with mattresses that guarantee greater wellness during the resting phase. Every time the animal lies down, if the impact zone is rigid, a trauma is caused that causes abrasions that induce severe pain and infections.

This obliges the animal to lie down less and therefore slows down its
life cycle. The presence of a mattress in the bunk guarantees a less violent impact and pushes the animal to prolong the rest phase.
The mattress use means a minor maintenance and major cost savings compared to traditional straw and sawdust beds.

[/agro_product_details][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row full_width=”container-null”][vc_column agro_disable_column=”yes”][agro_product_features_container][agro_product_features_item img=”792″ subtitle=”BETTER” title=”SOLUTIONS” tclr=”#14428f”]The Erilon mattresses consist in three elements:

Flexible, durable, comfortable and restful, the mattress reduces the pressure on the animal’s knee up to 84%, reducing trauma
and pain for the animal.

The mattress is protected from liquids.

Erilon’s fabric guarantees maximum protection from abrasion and has been specifically adapted to achieve maximum performance against the pressure sores of milk cows. The mattress use confirmed the trend towards a more-stay resting of animals, recorded since the product testing phase carried out by the University of Udine in 2008; DLG certification in November 2018.[/agro_product_features_item][agro_product_features_item img=”794″ subtitle=”NO” title=”BENEFITS” tclr=”#94c11f”]The Erilon mattress is unique for the combination of these three elements:

  • it ensures a total anti-abrasive effect on the hocks;
  • increases the resting time of the animal;
  • makes raise up safe and eliminates the risk of slipping;
  • guarantees greater grip on the rear feet; fits all bunks;
  • has a resistance of over 10 years on the fabric;
  • it is economically advantageous, as its investment pays for itself
    in a short time, 1 year c., thanks to the higher milk production, its quality, and the lower management costs, no longer using to use straw or sawdust.

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